Introducing Boss Models wellness coach

Take a girl with the energy of a greyhound stuck behind a desk for too many years who gave it all up to pursue a more fulfilling life-centered around her passion for health and fitness. That rather convoluted sentence sums me up.

After quitting my job as a graphic designer (too many days spent tapping your feet under a desk can do crazy things to you), I studied personal training and nutrition. The next step was sharing my love and excitement for wellness, and thus Candibod fitness came to life.

This blog combines my love for design and detail with my enthusiasm for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Take away all the fluff and you get a Cape Town girl who is crazy at heart, loves coffee and good food (perhaps a little too much), a girl who likes to experiment in the kitchen and who just wants to share the things in life that inspire her.


  • Qualified Personal Trainer – Graduated from eta college 2015
  • Qualified Nutrition Advisor – Certificate acquired from Sports Science institute of South Africa
  • Qualified SWEAT1000 Instructor – 2017
  • Owner of the Candibod Brand & Fitclub – 2017

I recently released an eBook called the “8 week active lifestyle challenge,” which is an approachable challenge that aims to help the every day human to focus on their individual strength and fitness! The eBook comes partnered with an app that helps time the workouts, as well as provide the tools to help those who participate to feel confident and connected to their bodies!

I also host a podcast called The Bodcast which is all about sharing the knowledge I gained through my own personal struggles and through my guests who are pioneers in wellness who are changing the way we view health all together. Not only are they masters in their crafts, but are people who I have personally observed grow and blossom as healers and entrepreneurs.

I have also recently become the Wellness Coach at Boss Models, where I work alongside the girls and guide them in their health journeys. It’s not just focused on “being skinny,” but actually being healthy both physically and mentally. I absolutely love working with the girls!

I have started an NGO called Bod Service, which aims to create and collaborate to provide services and opportunities for everyone and anyone. It is aimed to inspire and encourage the every day human being to reach and influence their world in a positive, life giving way. It is there to serve the community beyond just financially, but on a level where we honor the world around us and leave a lasting legacy of making the world a better place.

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