Chatting With – Jordan

How long have you been modelling?
9 years, of which 5 have been full time

Which city do you think it’s the nicest to visit, easiest to navigate?
Definitely London. There is so much to do, so much history and so many new trendy places to eat. Apparently they have the most advanced public transport system, I found it very easy to get around. 

Which is your favourite city to travel to?
I really loved New York, for so many reasons

What is your secret to getting off a long flight and still looking/feeling fresh?
Business class? Just kidding. Doing my morning routine before everyone else on the plane wakes up so I can take my time in the bathroom to do my skin routine, brush my teeth and put on a spot of makeup. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Cape Town – there’s no place like home! 

Which cities you’ve visited, has the nicest cuisine?
LA has the nicest Vegan food that anyone can eat, and I’m not Vegan. But all the cities I’ve visited have their own charm. I’ve been to such lovely places in every city. 

Which city has the best “bang for it’s buck” (which is most cost effective)
Barcelona. 6 euro for a cocktail? I’m there for it. 

Do you use public transport when you travel abroad?
Europe, yes. The metro will get you there much faster. In America however, Uber is your best bet. 

Do you find the different water in different places – affects your skin? If so, what do you do to mitigate this?
Yes, definitely. Water is different in every country. It could be hard, meaning it contains more minerals than usual or soft, which means it contains less than usual. The minerals that your skin isn’t used to can majorly affect your skin as it does mine when I travel. Besides that, the PH of water is 7, our skin should be just under 5, which means that the alkalinity of the water could ruin ones skin anyway. To wash, I use bottled water or Avene water spray otherwise I use Bioderma on a cotton pad. Every time I use water on my face I use a PH balancing toner straight afterwards. 

How do you deal with jetlag?
Sleep on the plane. Do everything you can (come back for my travel tips) to get some sleep on the plane. Once you’re at your destination, stay awake until you possibly cannot anymore. Only allow yourself to sleep at bed time.