Losing weight and alcohol

Okay girls, time for some real talk!
There is nothing wrong with heading out with the girls (or that someone special) for a drink or two.
However, when it becomes an unhealthy, daily, excessive habit, then possibly see if you need to
realign some of the priorities in your life. Remember, your body is such an incredible machine and
will only function at the level of what you decide to put in it!
I am definitely not here to preach at you, and you are completely free to make your own decisions.
If you are looking to lose a little weight but are adamant to have a drink every now and then, then
that is completely achievable with a few simple steps!
DISCLAIMER: I am not encouraging binge drinking or excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol is
dangerous when abused, and should definitely not be taken in excess.
Here are some tips and tricks to lose a little weight without abstaining from alcohol!

  1. Alcohol doesn’t make fat, but it does contain a lot of sugar!
    Alcohol contributes to your overall calorie intake, however it is not stored as fat in your body. This
    happens because your system quickly metabolises alcohol and flushes it out of your system as it is
    seen as a toxic compound.
  2. Alcohol tricks your system into storing food as fat
    Your liver works overtime to flush that alcohol out of your system. This leads down to your liver
    slowing down to process foods. Instead of reaching for a bar snack, think more wisely about what
    you are going to be putting into your body from a digestive point of view.
  3. Alcohol makes you want to reach for that cheeky late night midnight snack!
    Alcohol is loaded with simple carbohydrates. These sugars break down in your system and lead to
    a sugar crash – which in turns leaves you and your friends in search for the nearest Mc Donalds.

    Resist the temptation and veer away from those fast foods!
  4. Remember to add in your alcohol to your overall calorie intake.
    Don’t be ruled by the calories that you are taking in, but be aware that having alcohol will bump
    that number up quite significantly. Just because it’s a drink doesn’t mean it’s calorie free!
  5. DO NOT skip a meal to avoid adding in more calories!
    You will get drunk a little faster on an empty stomach, plus this can definitely ensure that a late
    night binge is on the way. Treat your body with the care and kindness it deserves and fuel it up for
    the big day and night ahead. This will help you make wiser decisions later
    I hope this helps you girls! Remember – you have a say in what goes into your body!
    All my love,