Talking supplements with Wim de Klerk

As a personal trainer and nutritional consultant, I’ve been getting some questions lately around
the need for daily vitamin and micronutrient supplementation to benefit an active and healthy
Before I start listing off what I take or would recommend, it’s important to understand that
supplements are not simply a free-for-all. There’s no substitute for a healthy diet which
contains wholefoods consumed in the right quantities to provide vitamins and nutrients to our
bodies in their most biologically available form. If in doubt, I recommend speaking to your
doctor or an accredited dietician to determine your specific need for supplementation before
you rush to the closest Wellness Warehouse. Nevertheless, from personal experience and
according to various sources, there are certain supplements that are beneficial for anyone
invested in their own long-term health and wellbeing.

  1. Omega-3 Fish Oil
    It helps reduce inflammation, promotes healthy cell growth and nerve function,
    improves bone and joint health and is good for your skin, hair and nails. Long term use
    could also improve numerous heart disease factors and avoid Alzheimer’s disease and
    other autoimmune diseases.
  2. Turmeric
    It’s quite common these days to hear about turmeric (curcumin) as a very effective
    bioactive compound with powerful medicinal and nutritional properties. It’s a natural
    anti-inflammatory, strong anti-oxidant and can prevent various diseases (including
    cancer). It is linked to improved brain function and weight-loss as it can even make
    stored fat become more available as metabolic fuel. It is best taken in capsule-form,
    which includes black pepper extract to make it more easily absorbed and activated
    within the body.
  3. Vitamin D
    It’s summer, so it’s naturally the best time to get more sun. However, due to our
    necessary use of sunblock on this climate-sensitive-rock we may not be getting enough
    on a daily basis. If you’re not heading outdoors or hitting the beach as often as most
    Capetonians, a supplement can be beneficial. This vital micronutrient is shown to
    improve overall bone health, supports muscle function and can even help improve the
    symptoms of depression and may also boost weight loss by improving your mood and
    controlling your appetite.
  4. Probiotics
    Your gut is a ‘garden’ and probiotics are the ‘seeds’. Your gut health directly affects
    your immune system and by increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in your internal
    microbiome, your ‘garden’ stays healthy. Probiotics help eliminate toxins and dispose
    of harmful waste while also regulating the chemicals that determine your mood,
    appetite, sleep quality and sex drive.
  5. Powdered Greens & Reds
    If you’re always on the go or your diet might lack the sufficient vitamins and minerals
    required to keep you functioning at an optimal level, then this cocktail of goodness can
    kickstart your day. It’s incredibly versatile and convenient and is easily absorbed in the
    body. Depending on your diet, adding either powdered superfood greens/reds can boost
    your immune system, ram up your energy levels, improve blood circulation and keep
    your skin glowing. Simply add water, add it in a smoothie or use for cooking and
    prepping your meals.
    My name is Wim de Klerk and I’m a model at Boss and Personal Trainer at PointBreak

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